Monday, December 29, 2008

About time I posted!!!!

Well the holiday season was a very busy one. My mom was in the hospital for a week right before Christmas so I didn't get all the things done that I wanted to do for Christmas. It was still a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful here and I was able to go ride my horse. It was the most relaxing day.

Got moved into my new office at work and am lovin, lovin, lovin it. It is so nice not to have to deal with the public and a grouchy boss.

Well I'm off to bed - but wish every one a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well Monday of this week I got a promotion in my job. I will no longer have to work the same job I have done the last 9 years. In many many ways this was the best Christmas present I could get. I'm sure that the boss that I will no longer be working for is as happy as I am.

I will be working for the sister company of the one I have worked for the last 9 years. My boss is much much younger than I am and that doesn't bother me a bit. He is a great guy to work for and with. I am excited about this new adventure.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Busy Time of Year

Well I have been busy, busy, busy since Thanksgiving as I'm sure everyone else is. I just about got all my Christmas shopping finished. Got the tree up and decorated and with the help of Rick, got the Christmas lights up outside. Now I just need to get the gifts wrapped and under the tree.

I got some great news yesterday. I got a promotion at work and will be moving into my own office and no longer having to deal with the public or a boss that I couldn't stand. I can't wait for the construction to be done so I can move. (My company is doing some remodeling on the office that the person moving out of mine is going to).

My friend Kari has an ElfCard on her blog that I'm going to try and share on mine. Thanks Kari. It was too funny.

I wish I had more time in my days to get stuff done - but it will all still be there when I get around to it.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Back to life

Well I made it threw Thanksgiving. I was on my feet all day. I cooked for my family as I'm sure many of you did. But if was worth it.

I did just some basic shopping today - which what that translates into is - I shopped for ME!!!. I couldn't resist the new cartridges for the cricut at The Paper Garden. I just love the cartridge "Storybook". If you haven't had the chance to look at it go to the Cricut page and take a look. It is really neat. I can't wait to get my Christmas decorations up so I can play with it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time Away

Well I got a much need few days away from home for the weekend. I went to San Marcus for the state volleyball playoffs. The Amarillo area had 3 teams that made it to state. Amarillo High (Blow Sand Blow)(5A), Bushland (Falcons)(3A) and Hereford (Whitefaces)(4A). All three teams won state. WAY TO GO!!!

San Marcus has a hug outlet mall and boy did I have fun shopping. It got me in the Christmas spirit and I started and got most of my shopping done. This has helped me in the fact that this year I actually want to put up a Christmas tree and decorate for the holidays. I haven't done that in 3 years.

My Aunt and Uncle live in Kerrville and I got to stop by there and visit with my Aunt. My uncle was off deer hunting. I just love getting to visit with her. She is the easiest person to talk to and you never feel like she judges you - even when your judging yourself. Love you Lu!

Well I'm worn out - went to the grocery store to get food for Thanksgiving and to start making some goodies. I'm definitely broke after that trip.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keep the covers over my head

I was reading my friends Tara's blog just now and totally understand how she feels about yesterday. I too had a day yesterday where I feel like I would have like to stayed in bed with my head under the covers. Thou mine wasn't a series of things, my one thing took all day.

A dear friend of mine had agreed to bring me her 21 year old mare (named Big MaMa) so that I could learn to ride and Kala could learn to ride and be around horse. This mare was the sweetest horse. She never gave me any trouble and was happy to be loved on and to be around Kala and I (even when sometimes we weren't happy to be around each other). She gave me many hours of relaxing, peaceful riding. Yesterday I got a call from where I keep her and was told that she had broken her leg. I went out to her and when my eyes fell on her there was no doubt that her leg was broken. Unfortunately the only thing that can be done for a horse is to put them down.

I tried and tried to call my friend that had so lovingly in trusted me with her horse to let her know that I was having her put down. My friend had this horse when she was in high school and had run barrels on her in high school rodeos. I did not get a hold of her until much later in the afternoon after I had already put her horse down.

I realize that Big Mama is a horse - but my animals mean the world to me. They love us unconditionally when sometimes we can't even love ourselves.

Big Mama will be missed by many. My niece, my nephew, and various other friends also got to enjoy riding her while I had her.

Thanks Big Mama!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Tag, and I'm it! My friend Kari tagged me and mentioned that this was a good way for jump starting your blog when you seem to be in a bloggng rut.

Link the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
*Share 7 random/weird facts about yourself.
*Tag 7 other people and link to them at the end of your blog.
*Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment.

1. I am adopted.

2. My name was suppose to be Joy.

3. I don't eat anything that swims or flys.

4. I bought a horse last April.

5. I'm left handed but do most things right handed.

6. I do stained glass.

7. I play the piano.

Ok I get to tag seven of my blogging buddies but since I only have a couple I'm tagging
Tara and Jacque

Sunday, November 16, 2008

3 Years ago today

3 years ago today was the day Kala had her surgery. That was one of hardest days of my life now that I look back at it. I took a vibrant normal young 24 year old daughter with a brain tumor on her brain stem and trusted her to a doctor to remove the tumor and after 5 hours of surgery to find out that they couldn't get to it and that she would have double vision and short term memory loss. Two things they didn't bother to tell us before the surgery. Not only was a devastated that they couldn't get the tumor, but then to find out that because of the surgery we would have other things to deal with. I remember saying to the doctor "you mean we did this for nothing". I guess what I should have said was "you mean we did this so that Kala would have short term memory loss and double vision?" Her double vision did go away in about 6 months which the doctor said it should - as far as the short term memory loss he couldn't tell me when. Well it's been 3 years and I'm hear to tell you it hasn't returned. Sometimes I wonder if it's returned more than Kala wants to admit and that she's just using it to get more attention. She has found out that from me it doesn't get her more attention.

I look today - especially at her and realize that I am lucky that she is alive and here, but wish I had the answers as to WHY we are having to travel this long and hard road. It has not been an
easy road for her or I and we are far from the end.

It saddens me to realize that I don't think she will ever be that young normal girl that I took to
that hospital three years ago and intrusted to a surgeon.

I do realize that God doesn't give us more than we can handle - sometimes I just wish he would give us a clue as to why and what the final goal is - because right now I have no idea.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Cricut

My love for scrapbooking has taken me to learning to do some new and different things.

I bought a Cricut about a year ago and haven't used it very much until a couple of weeks ago when a friend of mine - Freddie showed me some awesome things I can do with it.

After I played with my cricut for awhile I got on Yahoo and found several groups that have to do with Cricut and making your own things to print. That is my next new thing to learn to do. I'm also going to try and start doing some digital scrapbooking. When I learn to do both/either I will post pictures.

My friend Freddie lost one of his close friends this week and my heart goes out to him. It reminds me how short life can be and how we (I) need to treasure what I (we) do have. May God be with Freddie and his friends family.

Start of something new for me

Ok this is the start of something new for me - posting to a blog. I'm starting this in hopes of a way for me to share some of the things that I love in my life like scrapbooking, horseback riding and hanging with my friends and family.

This blog at times may also serve as a place for me to vent about my life with my daughter. Many of you already know and understand the troubles that have been going on with my life since her surgery. I will post more on the whole situation with my daughter at a later time.

Thanks to Tara and Kari for helping me start this blog. (And yes Kari and Tara - reading your blogs haven given me the courage to start this one.)