Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Three Weeks

Well the last three weeks have really been a whirlwind for me. Kala was put in the Pavillion (which was a good thing). They put her on new medicines - which have helped and gave me a 10 day resting period. During that time the other girl that was in our office was let go - so I've had to pick up the slack and do that job as well as mine. Luckily they have hired a good friend of mine that I know will be able to do the job and do it like it should be done.

I'm wishing that today as I sit at home with blizzard weather that life could be so easy that I could be scrapbooking instead of working - but I know that I have to get the work done before I can enjoy scrappbooking.

This is a recent photo of me and my horse. I've gotten to ride several times in the last couple of months and that has been a blessing too.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Time between Posts

Well it's been a long time since I posted - well over a month. My life has been
in the same downhill spiral that it's been on for the last three years. I'm not
sure when it will get better - but my faith in God lets me know that it will.

I haven't done anything worth posting about in a sometime. Have ridden my wonderful horse Mercades a couple of times in the beautiful weather we've had. Wanted to ride
on some of the windy days but figure the wind would blow me off the horse. LOL

I want to thank all my friends and family who have stood beside me during these
trying times for me. I love you for being there for me and Kala.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I heard about this website on the TV the other night and decided to go visit it.

OH MY GOSH!! I love it. It is one of the easiest ways to digital scrapbook that I have seen. I love the fact that you can make books, postcards, greeting cards, etc.

I realize that there are other companies that you can make books and all but I really like the things I've seen on this site. If your friends have accounts with scrapblog you can have them as friends and if you wish they can view your albums.

If you decide to join - please look me up as a friend.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Into the New Year

Well here we are into the New Year and as a New Year rolls around it makes you look back at the last year to see where you are compared to last year.

My daughter seems more rattled than she did last year. I think alot of that has to do with the point that I no longer will answer her questions and am mad at her 99% of the time. I refuse to help someone who won't help themselves.

As far as my love life - I'm still trying to figure out why someone says that the love and want you - but only wants you when another person is paying you attention and you are paying attention back. They will still continue to do what caused you to end the relationship in the first place. I always think that it's a still need to have their cake and eat it to. Unfornatutely, all they've done is push me farther and farther away. I will never understand this person - as I'm not sure they understand themselves.

Luckily the weather has been warmer enough sometimes that I've had time to go riding and that has become my idea place to just not have to think. I've been told that to see me totally relaxed - just put me with Mercades. Alot of people wonder why I bought a horse - to me - that was the best money spent ever. She wants nothing more
of me - than to feed - water and love her, and in return she gives me the inner peace that I so need right now in my life.